Let’s start from the beginning… The Beginning of the World

Near Poznań, in Swarzędz, you will soon find a certain place.

A place where the world begins for those who thought their world was over.

A place for those in whose lives a special person appeared – special because with a special disability.

The Beginning of the World is a place where…

TEARS come streaming from despair, effort or happiness

SMILE shows joy, satisfaction or embarrassment

SCREAM means fear, pain or contentment

SILENCE indicates serenity, concentration or powerlessness

At The Beginning of the World, there is a place for everything, for every emotion, every word, gesture and thought.

The Beginning of the World is a Centre in which we are going to support entire families with children with disabilities.  Our initiative was born out of experiences, dreams and the desire to provide comprehensive help. We want to create a piece of another world that will facilitate the functioning of families that face the challenge of raising a child with an illness. We are creating a space that is going to bring relief and harmony… What is important -it is a place intended for whole families – this is what distinguishes us.

We want to change dozens of small worlds for the better, thinking about a better tomorrow! The Beginning of the World takes its pupils to a place where ordinary rules and laws do not apply. Where a belief in a strong and united family exists, which is the basis for effective rehabilitation and the well-being of its members. We believe that there is nothing more precious than closeness and warmth from the loved ones. And they themselves often need help to be able to fully spread their wings.

The vision of The Beginning of the World is to create a place that functions on new rules. We dream of a space filled with a positive atmosphere, where an ordinary becomes extraordinary, where everyone will find something for themselves and… themselves.

The Beginning of the World is a comprehensive support for families, which is going to be implemented in several areas. The most important of them are: Centre for Rehabilitation and Education, child and family therapy, workshops for families.

The buildings we own require a thorough renovation. We are currently focusing on one of them – the biggest one, that is over 400 meters long. We have just started with the foundations and walls. We must replace the roof, strengthen the foundations, divide and equip the rooms, carry out finishing and installation work…


We divided the entire project into stages:


The most important works for this stage are: demolition work, reinforcement of the building and foundations, replacement of the roof, window frames and external doors.

Total cost of the first stage is PLN 324,700


The next step is going to be installation (plumbing, electricity, heating – including the replacement of gas furnaces), floor screed, dividing the large hall into smaller rooms, and an installation of internal doors.

Total cost of the second stage is PLN 333,400


The last stage consists of finishing works (plastering and painting the walls, laying floors, installing suspended ceilings and lighting, bathroom equipment and adaptation to the needs of people with disabilities), equipping the rooms with basic furniture, work around the centre (construction of a car park, pavements and fire roads, leveling the area, planting, repairing the fence).

Total cost of the third stage is PLN 302,600

And this is just the first part… Are you curious what we want to do next? Help us create the Beginning of the World to see what other ideas are in our heads!