This is not the end of the world – it is the Beginning of the World.

This is the motto of our Foundation and the name of the centre we are building. Our motivation is the lack of comprehensive support for families with children with disabilities. Our mission is to provide care to as many families as possible in the broadest sense possible.

The illness or birth of a disabled child is usually the “end of the world” for parents. They face a challenge that seems insurmountable. They quickly notice that they are alone with this problem – without systemic support or basic knowledge what to do and where to go, they do not receive psychological support. Some parents leave the family. Fear, insecurity and shame make them leave the sick child. Those who stay have to focus almost entirely on the child – the parent is a chauffeur, therapist, speech therapist, teacher, nurse… In a few moments, they begin to perform roles for which no one prepared them. They often cannot cope with it, experience depression and anxiety without telling anyone about their problems, because the child is the most important thing. Nobody asks them about it either. Overnight parents and the whole family are excluded from social life, parents and siblings give up “normal” life, adjusting to the new situation.

Our Centre is being created to support such families. Show them how to fight for a good life for the whole family, where to look for support and how to ensure the functioning of the whole family.

Our team is a mixture of different personalities, interests and experiences. We are a group of people with always present smiles on our mouths who are not afraid of challenges. A vision of a new Beginning of the World is what connects us. Nothing is impossible for us!

Our own stories became the motivation to act. We are familiar with the topic of disability. Every day we stay in a reality where families in which a disabled person has appeared exist. We are inspired by real life and we witness how an everyday life of many families is often a series of renunciations and sacrifices.

The idea of creating the Beginning of the World is a result of a constant exchange of experiences. We want to connect and show new possibilities. For us, healthy family values and sincere support are the basis for fulfilling relationships. Every family deserves attention and support. Thanks to our common dream, our work is our passion.


If you want to get to know us better visit the Linka Foundation website Fundacji Linka.