This is what we want to tell you about … Initial chaos on the way to The Beginning of the World …

Swarzędz at Słowackiego 67 – this is where you are going to find us in the nearest future and we will stay there for years…

We thought that owning a building would allow us to start at a more advanced level… However, the reality turned out differently. What’s in the project, that’s in the project – and that’s it … We’ve started with empty walls and floors. It turned out that we need to replace the roof and strengthen the foundations. And that’s just for starters.. But we’re going to the ends of the earth to get everything ready on time. Do you know why? – because there are children and their parents who are already waiting.. They want to enter into the building on 1st September, 2021, in white shirts, smiling and ready to face the daily hardships. And we cannot disappoint them..


What are we planning for them? Take a look!

On this huge, over 400-square-meter empty space, the following are going to be soon be built:

  • 4 classrooms where our children will learn new skills every day
  • 2 offices where pupils will work individually with therapists. There will also be a place for parent and sibling therapy,
  • a rehabilitation room, where our little ones will strengthen their motor skills,
  • a Snoezelen room for experiencing the world, where one will use their senses to perform magic
  • quiet room, if someone needs to be alone for some time,
  • therapeutic bathroom, where we will teach independence in hygiene activities,
  • and other rooms, such as: 4 toilets, kitchen, technical and cleaning rooms and a social room – a room for teachers and therapists, secretary’s office and office.

And this is how it’s going to look in a few months …