The center will provide a day care facility for children aged 3-25 who require comprehensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation and educational assistance, provided in appropriate conditions and adapted to the needs, abilities and age. The center may be attended by children with a certificate attesting the need for special education due to multiple disabilities: moderate or severe intellectual disability and other disabilities (visually impaired / blind, hearing imparied/ deaf, motor disability, autism / Asperger’s syndrome) or with a certificate attesting the need for revalidation and educational activities due to severe intellectual disability.

What we are planning to offer:

  1. Educational and therapeutic activities (education and therapy suited to the needs of students, based on their individual therapeutic plans and disability certificates).
  2. Additional activities (hippotherapy, classes on a pool, social skills training, dog therapy, music therapy, aggression replacement training, relaxation training, etc.).
  3. Common room (extracurricular activities)
  4. Summer and Winter play centre for children with disabilities